Burnout Recovery Requires Consistent Self-Care

Burnout Recovery Requires Consistent Self-Care

“What’s up with you? It’s as though you don’t even like yourself anymore.” If you’ve heard this recently, pay attention. Someone who cares about you has noticed that you haven’t been showing yourself the love you need.   And here's the thing. You may genuinely believe...

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Whitney believed in me and saw what I couldn’t.

Whitney is a joy to work with. Her compassion, deep listening skills and coaching supported me to accomplish and move forward in areas of my business where I’ve previously felt like I was spinning my wheels. I’m now doing what I set out to do with love and compassion for myself!

Thank you Whitney for believing in me and seeing what I couldn’t. I highly recommend Whitney to anyone interested in upleveling their life and especially upleveling their self-care.

Jill Fischer

CEO, Jill Fischer International


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