A heartfelt thank you to the extraordinary individuals who wrote these kind words.

~ Whitney

Before working with Whitney, I was struggling with burnout. I wasn’t sleeping. I was anxious and frustrated. I’d been laid off twice in one year and couldn’t even dream into what was next for me because I was so flattened by all my years spent in a stressful corporate environment.

Working with Whitney changed everything. With her support, I began to heal from burnout. I started sleeping better, feeling stronger and finding joy in life again.

As the anxiety and frustration melted, and my energy returned, I was able to think about what was next for me. Whitney was invaluable in helping me think about the things that bring me joy and tying those to prospective careers. Now I’m excited to be building my own business and pursuing a new path as an executive coach.

Whitney’s compassion, dedication and real-life experience with burnout were priceless gifts that have helped me turn my life around. Thank you, Whitney!

Kristin Deegan

Founder, Deegan Advisory Services

30 years in the stress of corporate environments crept up on me and I was living in an unhealthy normal without even knowing it. 60 hour work weeks, 4-5 hours of sleep a night, and unrealistic expectations of being able to do it all gave me a perfect Facebook life and a hollow, grumpy inner life.

With the help of Whitney’s coaching and tools, I have finally given myself permission to have a healthy self-care practice which gives me the energy and spirit required to follow my professional passion.

Whitney first helped me recognize and then reframe the distorted beliefs that held me back and then worked with me to try new approaches and develop new habits. What I really appreciated was working on one area at a time and not trying to do it all at once. This allowed me to create long lasting habits instead of quick, unsustainable fixes.

Whitney gets it – she took time to understand my challenges and to bring her wealth of knowledge and resources to develop a custom plan for long term success. I am forever grateful that Whitney turned her experience with burnout into a gift to share with others, like me.

Joyce Aiko Ibardolasa

CEO, Ai Inclusion

Being coached by Whitney has been an invaluable experience. During our sessions, I can get completely present with myself, knowing that Whitney is there to LISTEN to everything I am thinking and feeling. But she does so much more than listen: Whitney equips me with the tools I need to deal with the challenges life throws my way; she helps me work out what I really want and need from a situation.

Whitney has guided me through challenging stages in my life by helping me overcome overwhelm and reduce stress and anxiety. It is because of her guidance and support that I feel I have the confidence to go forward more calmly, stronger, and more positively. With Whitney’s assistance, I know better now how to handle difficult situations, to identify my priorities, and to effectively manage my emotions and anxiety. That has made my life so much easier and happier.

Marta Royo

Business Risk Manager, Private Banking

Whitney is a joy to work with. Her compassion, deep listening skills and coaching supported me to accomplish and move forward in areas of my business where I’ve previously felt like I was spinning my wheels. I’m now doing what I set out to do with love and compassion for myself!

Thank you Whitney for believing in me and seeing what I couldn’t. I highly recommend Whitney to anyone interested in upleveling their life and especially upleveling their self-care.

Jill Fischer

CEO, Jill Fischer International