From Burnout to Balance 7-Day Self-Love Challenge

For Women Professionals & Business Owners


Does any of this sound familiar?


  • You live in an almost constant state of overwhelm, feeling like you’ll never catch up.
  • You’re forgetful and have a hard time focusing.
  • You have difficulty sleeping. (No wonder you’re so tired all the time!)
  • You’re frustrated and irritable more than you’d like to admit.
  • You’ve lost your sense of enjoyment in life.

If so, I hear you. I’ve been there, too, and know the pain of the “Burnout Cycle.” Yes – that’s what all these are symptoms of.

I’ve gotta let you know… If you keep moving forward in this way, you’re almost guaranteed a big burnout like I suffered a few years ago. And I don’t want this to happen to you!


Your 7-Day Self-Love Challenge was a great reminder of the critical importance of self-care, and offered some valuable tips and simple tools to use right away. You clearly have a depth of knowledge both from personal experience and a wealth of research. Your passion about the subject reflects your compassion and commitment for others who are suffering from burnout and a failure to take loving care of themselves. Even though I only got to participate in a few days of the Challenge, it still made a nice difference in my mindset and my actions this week.


Which is why I created

From Burnout To Balance 7-Day Self-Love Challenge:

February 18-24, 2020

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There is a WAY OUT of the Burnout Cycle. How? It starts by you taking care of yourself.

Now, I know this can be extremely challenging for you. (It was for me!) Which is why, each day for 7 days, I’m going to challenge you to take 15 minutes for yourself – with me – to look at what’s really going on beneath the signs of burnout.

Through interactive and dynamic daily FB Live mini-classes, we’ll look at the habits and behaviors that are negatively impacting your health. I’ll give you simple strategies for how to turn this all around so you can get on the path towards balance and enjoying your life (again).

If you’re ready to break out of the burnout cycle and desire to be…

  • Relaxed and confident, knowing you’re tending to the most important priorities
  • Energized, clear and focused
  • Calm, easy-going and peaceful
  • Sleeping like a baby and waking up rested
  • Engaged, inspired and passionate about your life

Join me. It’s Free!


The Self-Love Challenge sets you up for success by starting a new habit – time for you.   15 mins a day for a week to get practical, simple to implement advice. Not too much, just the right amount of reminder and challenge to start down a healthier and happier path.


I thoroughly enjoyed the Challenge and am feeling the benefits already, bought myself a bouquet of flowers on Friday! Learning how to reshape my focus has opened up my days to more happiness and fulfillment while still feeling productive.


You made the Self-Love Challenge fun! I was feeling so overwhelmed, I had forgotten my most basic self-care needs. You gave me good exercises to practice on my own to bring me back to my former, balanced self.


Whitney Gordon-Mead, MSc, and CEO of Intuit Wisdom LLC is an International Speaker, Certified Life Coach, and Ordained Minister. She has 3 decades of experience researching personal growth and how to heal from within as it relates to chronic illness, fibromyalgia, and burnout. Having healed herself from fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, and burnout, she’s on a mission to heal the planet from overwhelm, one person at a time.

Whitney has coached professional women, business owners, and executives worldwide. Her proven success strategies have resulted in her clients reclaiming their passion and creating the life they desire. She partners with them to move from the struggles of burnout to implementing a sustainable lifestyle as they continue to accomplish their goals and dreams.

Whitney has a Master of Metaphysical Sciences degree and is working towards earning her PhD. She lives in West Palm Beach, FL with her husband, Dean, and her cat, Whimsy. Whitney prioritizes self-love and self-care as she says “YES” to herself and to life. She is a huge believer that life is meant to be enjoyed, not endured!!!