What Is Success Without Sacrifice? Plus, How You Can Have It

Did you know that…

Embracing spirituality brings you success with more ease? 

Tapping into your unconscious mind accesses greater internal power?

It is you who creates YOUR reality? 

Yes, that can be a lot to absorb! Especially for a high-achieving woman like you who, like me, has earned a “PhD” in being successful with a lot of effort. Since each woman has her own idea about what success looks like, your desire for success may lead you to pursue greater career goals, financial goals, professional or personal development goals, or something else. Yet, when you achieve your goals, is the success as fulfilling as you’d hoped? 

Be honest with yourself… 

I used to think that accomplishing my goals would bring me long lasting happiness. It took me years to become aware that I was on a goal-achievement rollercoaster and to acknowledge that the cost to me was increasing over time. I had sacrificed my youth, my first marriage, my health, children, friends, and more for the illusion of what I thought success would be. 

Success doesn’t have to be about sacrifice. Life needn’t be about goal-setting and achievement. The key to a happy and fulfilled life is optimizing your spirit and mind. When you tend to your spiritual and emotional health, you uplevel your experience of life. Being spiritually mindful will allow you to embody success without sacrifice.

A spiritual mind shows you how to reach new levels of success without sacrificing your time, energy, wellbeing, relationships and more. Share on X

How the mind works

It’s important to understand how the mind works. It is made of two main parts, the unconscious and the conscious. Although your mind begins without limits, it adopts the limiting beliefs that are generated over time, both consciously and unconsciously.

The unconscious mind makes up around 95% percent of your brain. It manages and runs your body and stores all your memories. Your conscious mind, the part that does all your external interacting, is only around 5% of your brain. 

The integration of your conscious and unconscious mind is key to discovering your true Self, learning how to love yourself fully and knowing your purpose in life. You are then able to tap into your unlimited potential and have all that you desire.

When your conscious mind and unconscious mind work cohesively, you have access to success, harmony, and balance. However, unresolved memories and emotions can create conflict between the conscious and unconscious minds, which can result in obstacles to your self-discovery and personal/professional growth. 

It is crucial that your conscious mind is in sync with the unconscious mind. As I mentioned earlier, the unconscious mind controls the actions you don’t actively think about doing. It’s also where you store information you’re unaware of or not able to process at that moment. When we unlock the unconscious mind, it can connect with the conscious mind and they work together to help you access new levels of success. This is a different kind of success, one that is more spiritually aligned with your Self and thus it’s without sacrifice. 

Tools that unlock the unconscious mind


Those who practice meditation are more in tune with the unconscious mind. By tuning into your breath and shifting your awareness to the body you begin to slow down your thinking. Having fewer thoughts gives your conscious mind a break, helping you connect to the unconscious. If you have difficulty sitting still, you can do mindful meditation while physically active and focus on your movements with intention.


Your unconscious mind absorbs information and ideas that don’t pass through your conscious thoughts. When you hand write words on paper, you begin to engage with these unconscious thoughts. Writing is a powerful tool for accessing the unconscious. Starting a daily journal can help you connect. 


Picturing something, an idea or a feeling is another powerful way to engage with the unconscious. When you imagine something in your mind, you’re sending that information to the unconscious. Try creating a vision board of your goals and desires (be open to endless possibilities). Those images will be stored in your memory which is part unconscious.


The unconscious mind never stops, even when you’re sleeping. Before going to bed, spend time thinking about what success looks like for you. This is a great time to write in your journal or answer a question that you had stuck in your head. While you sleep, these thoughts will load into your unconscious, ready for you to use the following day. 

Spiritual Technology

These are techniques and practices (i.e. introspective questioning and energy shifting processes) used to tap into your unconscious and give you a higher level of awareness. Spiritual Technology helps deepen your inner connection and guide you to an authentic, empowered place. 

An extremely powerful form of spiritual technology is Accelerated Evolution (AE), as it is based on a blend of ancient metaphysical concepts derived from martial arts, Shiatsu massage, hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). 

Accelerated Evolution transforms unconscious energy patterns that get in the way of success. It helps with the release of conflict and struggle, limiting beliefs, and stuck energy such as unresolved issues. This allows for the flow of energy and freedom in all areas – relationship, work, money, family, fitness, and quality of life. 

In addition to earning my doctoral degree in metaphysics, I chose to become a Certified Accelerated Evolution Practitioner because I found it to be the most direct, swift and effective metaphysical method to create lasting change. If you’re interested in learning more about how Accelerated Evolution can help you, email me at support@AskDrWhitney.com

You can also begin to connect with your unconscious mind through journaling. Click here to claim your free gift, a 7-Day Journaling Starter Kit. This gift will help you:

    • Tap into your unconscious mind
    • Define what success means to you
    • Discover what fulfills your soul

By connecting your unconscious with your conscious mind, you develop the spiritual awareness to embrace success with greater ease and flow. Success is no longer a never-ending sequence of goal-achievement and sacrifice. It transforms into a spiritual journey based on the desires of your true Self. 

A spiritual mindset frees you from the cycle of constantly needing to be better and do more. It provides clarity for a greater life vision. One that opens you to new opportunities. A spiritual mind shows you how to reach new levels of success without sacrifice. 

Keep a look out for future information and programs about Success Without Sacrifice.

Finding New Perspectives Through Spiritual Faith

Let’s dive into New Year resolutions…this time with a new perspective.

A new year is beginning, along with the opportunity to start over, try new things, expand your interests, and adapt to new outlooks. 

You may even have already prepared your long list of new year’s goals, such as: leadership or professional development, career advancement, home improvements, or growing your network of relationships. As a successful, high-achieving woman, you may even have begun checking these items off your list. 

Does any of this sound familiar?

I used to have a long list of new year resolutions at the end of December and would then work to complete each item during the following year. My addiction to achievement constantly pushed me to be more productive and move myself forward. It also left me feeling that something was missing. 

However, I now have a new life perspective. This has provided me greater success with more significance and without the sacrifice of my health and wellbeing. 

Now have a new life perspective. This has provided me greater success with more significance and without the sacrifice of my health and wellbeing. Share on X

One of the keys to this new life perspective is identifying and practicing balance. My mentor, Satyen Raja, taught me about the 5 Fs and how important it is to focus on each in order to find true balance and fulfillment. 

The 5 Fs are Faith, Family, Finance, Fitness, and Fun. And now, I set annual intentions, instead of resolutions. By focusing on these five areas when planning my year, I find that I’m more intentional, balanced and joyful. 

I’ve noticed that many successful high-achieving women do not include faith and fun when planning their year. For me, faith means spirituality and fun means time with family and friends. However, until several years ago, I was guilty of not prioritizing either of these areas when planning for the year ahead. 

Today, I will share why and how to benefit by including faith in planning your new year.

An important part of personal growth comes from your inner perspectives and what you believe in — your faith. However, your faith doesn’t need to be religious, rigid, or worshipping. 

You can simply embark on a spiritual journey. A spiritual faith encompasses all religions, appreciates all aspects of life, and gives a positive new perspective by connecting you to something greater than yourself. It can provide the resources to find your purpose and discover the meaning of life. 

Spirituality is a highly effective path to self-discovery. This may be why people are beginning to embrace spirituality as a part of their faith, as 1 in 5 Americans today identify themselves as spiritual. 

As you choose to allot time to connect with your own form of faith, you’ll find that new perspectives become available in all aspects of your life.

How To Discover Your Spirituality

1. Practice acceptance 

A great way to start your spiritual journey is to accept the things you can’t control. Consciously accepting things to be as they will help you embrace a spiritual mindset. Let others be who they are. You can’t expect to control the world around you, what others do or how they act. Accept what is. You will benefit from whatever is meant for you. So, let yourself make mistakes, forgive yourself for doing so, and move on.

2. Exercise mindfulness

Spirituality is about awareness. Practicing mindfulness is a great way to enhance your awareness. You can choose mindfulness through meditation, yoga, or journaling. Or simply practice being present in each moment and with each action you take. 

3. Choose to see the positive

“The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” ~ Albert Einstein. Spirituality embraces a positive outlook on life. When you choose to see the good in daily occurrences and the intentions of others, you remain open to the truth. Choosing to see the positive is a spiritual practice. It allows you to move beyond judgment and see the deeper beauty of your surroundings. 

4. Change your environment

A great way to find a new perspective is to change the scenery around you. It may not be feasible to take a vacation to a new place each time you want to change your environment. However, simply connecting with nature, going for a walk, or exploring a new place in your own city are all great ways to connect with your spirituality. Seeing and experiencing something different can help feed a fresh mindset and invite a new perspective to your life. 

Connecting with your higher Self is a life-long journey. To stay on this path, it’s essential to be consistent with your spiritual practice. This is key to cultivating a more enlightened perspective. 

As you unfold your spirituality, you’ll begin to notice certain things…

Flow of creativity

When you engage in mindfulness such as yoga, meditation, or journaling, your creative imagination begins to thrive. Through this connection with your spiritual Self, you’ll also have more original ideas and experience greater clarity of thought. 

Physical energy

When you practice a spiritual faith, you’re more apt to see the good and maintain a more positive mindset. As you increasingly see the positive truths of the Universe, there is decreased resistance within and your physical body responds with greater energy.  


Practicing acceptance will give you a sense of calm. Adopt the mindsets of, “It is what it is” and “What will be will be”, and you will eliminate the struggle of resistance and the need to control. You will feel at ease despite any challenges that occur, knowing that you’ll be able to move past them. 

Spirituality can help you develop a more positive mindset. A new perspective in this new year might be all you need to shift your relationships, career, wellbeing, and more. 

Click here to claim your FREE gift: 5 Journal Prompts to Unfold Your Spiritual Self. 

Tap into your spirituality and nurture your positive nature. This gift will:

  • Evoke reflection
  • Prompt self-discovery
  • Foster positive change
  • Accelerate achievement of your goals

Put spirituality on your list of new year’s intentions and see what new perspectives come to light!

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