Visualization For Greater Clarity: Aligning with Your True Desires

There is a lot of talk these days about visualizing your dream life and manifesting your goals. But what does this mean? 

And what if you’ve already achieved the life you sought?  

You have the career, the car, the home, the relationship… What more do you need? Keep reading for the answer to this question.

There is more to life than the evident things. And I learned this the hard way… through experience. So now, maybe I can save you some time on your own journey. 

There is more to life than the evident things. And I learned this the hard way… through experience. So now, maybe I can save you some time on your own journey. Share on X

When I was growing up, my Father was absent most of the time. His lack of availability was the impetus for me to seek perfection, so I could receive the attention I desired. I became an overachiever, hoping that achieving success would prove my worthiness to everyone… especially my father. This led me into an extremely unhealthy cycle of burnout because my true desires were clouded by my feelings of “not good enough”.

However, because I was goal-oriented, I made it a practice to visualize myself at the height of success. All my visions did come to fruition. I got the car, the career, the home, and even the relationship (for a time). Yet even though I had acquired the things I’d visualized, there was a void in my life.

I’d been so busy pursuing what I thought I wanted, that it took me almost ten years to become conscious of what was missing. It never occurred to me to visualize a life that included purpose, meaning and joy. 

Does this story bring up anything for you? Do you feel that there could be more to life, and that maybe there’s a piece missing for you? 

If you’re asking yourself the question ‘what’s missing in my life?’ it might be time to look closer at the power of visualization for greater clarity and to manifest your true desires. 

So, let’s start with what visualization means, how it leads to manifestation, and how to use visualization and manifestation for greater clarity and fulfillment.  

What is visualization?

Visualization is the practice of creating a mental picture of the things or experiences that you want. This could be anything from a new bike to a new job. The image you create in your mind is the visual representation of the thing you desire.  

How visualization leads to manifestation 

Our thoughts, like everything, are made up of energy. When you visualize, you are building the energy of that thought. Whatever energetic vibration you put out into the universe will return back to you in kind. Therefore, the energy you’re generating in your mind is being sent out into the universe and manifesting what you want. This is the universal law of attraction. By understanding how this law works you can harness the incredible power of your own mental energy to manifest what you desire in your life. 

How to use visualization and manifestation for greater clarity and fulfillment

Visualization can be such a powerful tool. It can help you harness your subconscious mind to tap into your greatest desires. Many of us, including myself, have experienced just how powerful it can be. When focusing on visualizing, you will receive a more clear picture for the things you really desire — deeper than material things. 

Things such as:

  • Finding your purpose or meaning in life
  • Increased happiness and joy
  • More abundance
  • Fulfillment

Visualization can improve clarity on life’s essentials; purpose, meaning, and joy. Rather than purely the evident things in life; careers, lifestyle, and material things. And this could mean a big change in how you experience your life!

As I mentioned in my own personal experience earlier, sometimes visualization and manifestation can come from an unconscious place. We set goals that are not aligned with our true desires to please others, or to gain unhealthy ambition towards goals that don’t align with what we really crave. 

For this reason, generating a clear vision is a powerful skill you’ll want to master. 

Here’s how to create a clear vision:

> Prepare

Get yourself situated in a location that allows you to feel safe and comfortable. 

  1. Close your eyes
  2. Ignore any outside distractions
  3. Focus on your breath
  4. Pay attention to the thoughts that are passing through your mind
  5. Pay attention to any feelings or emotions that come up

Once your mind and body are at ease and focused on your inner thoughts and emotions it will be easier to focus all your energy on the thoughts you’d like to visualize.

> Be open

Visualization requires flexibility so you’re able to encompass all possibilities. Allow yourself to openly acknowledge what you crave most in life. How can you adapt your lifestyle to obtain these desires? Maybe it won’t be a tangible goal, but you must be open to the possibilities in order to receive the outcome you want. 

> Create a mental picture

Create a mental picture of the life you want, and be specific about how you’re feeling in that vision. Imagine what you’re doing, what you’re wearing, and who you’re with. Yet most importantly, how do you feel at that moment? Do you feel loved? Or accomplished? What feeling do you have when you are in this life you’re envisioning? 

Spend 5-10 minutes a day creating and fully experiencing this mental picture. Truly embody the mental picture as if you are already there and you are already experiencing that moment. Watch the embodiment of this mental picture become more clear as time goes on. 

> Write it down

Writing down what you’re visualizing, and your thoughts around it, can help create more clarity about what you want. This process can provoke more feelings that you may not have noticed initially. It also makes the step by step process more clear. Writing and journaling can be important when it comes to visualization.

> Take note of what got you to this point

Yes, it is important to think of the end goal yet don’t forget about your past successes. Reflect on the steps you’ve taken so far to get to where you are today. How have they helped bring you here? 

What is the next small step you could take to bring you closer to achieving your new vision? It may not be something you want to do at this moment yet think about how it will benefit you in the bigger picture. What can you do today that will build your tomorrow?

Apply these visualization tips for clarity

These tips can help you create a clear picture of the life you want. Take your time when applying these new skills. Breathe. And feel into all the emotions that come up when connecting with your vision. Making visualization a regular practice will bring greater clarity and connect you with what you really want in life. When you apply these tips to your visualization/manifestation practice, along with taking the actions set forth to achieve your visions, you can manifest a life filled with your greatest desires. 

For an even deeper understanding of visualization, click here to claim your FREE Visualization Guide: 8 Steps to Realizing the Life You Desire

This guide will:

  • Assist you to clarify your true desires
  • Inspire and motivate you to accomplish your greatest aspirations 
  • Teach you how to create the reality you crave
  • Help you achieve your wildest dreams
  • Enable you to manifest the changes you want in your life

Happy visualizing and manifesting! I hope your deepest desires are found through the clarity you receive from visualization.

Finding Greater Mental Clarity… The Busy Woman’s Way

Do you ever find yourself asking…

What’s the big deal about mental clarity? 

Why would I even want to look for it?

I used to wonder about this myself. Then I looked at all the amazing benefits that come with mental clarity. For example:

  • Decreased mental chatter
  • Increased focus and direction
  • Greater organization
  • Ease in decision-making
  • Increased ability to prioritize
  • More energy

Yes, I did say that mental clarity gives you more energy!

How does it do that?

It allows you to become more aware of:

  1. Who you are.
  2. Why you are here.
  3. Who you are serving.
  4. What you need to be doing. 

What does all this mean for you?

Once you learn how to gain and maintain mental clarity, navigating life becomes easier. Because as you are aware of who you are, why you’re here, and who you choose to serve, you will know what you need to be doing. And although you still need to take action, having clarity allows you to move forward with greater ease. Things just begin to flow into place.

Having mental clarity allows you to move forward through your life with greater ease. Share on X

How to gain and maintain greater mental clarity

Mental clarity can be found through various modalities and daily practices. Today, we’ll address the practice of meditation. Meditation can be described simply as, ‘the act of breathing and observing.’ 

You may already know that a regular daily meditation practice has many benefits:

  • Easing your busy mental chatter
  • Decreasing stress
  • Gaining self-awareness
  • Reducing negative emotions 
  • Finding new perspectives

Yet, you’re probably also thinking that regardless of its benefits, meditation still takes time. And if you’re looking for greater mental clarity but don’t have time for a regular daily meditation practice, you’re not alone.Today’s woman is already juggling multiple pursuits. So, with your full plate and busy schedule, devoting time to meditation may not seem practical. 

As a busy high-achiever, I completely understand that adding yet another thing to your day – even if it does ease mental chatter and create greater clarity – could feel like an inconvenience or stressor. I can also honestly say that I used to struggle with finding the time for a regular daily meditation practice. Then I learned that I could receive all the same benefits from a brief meditation break as well.

How to find mental clarity without a daily meditation practice

It may surprise you when I say that meditation can be more subtle than you think. You don’t need to have a regular daily meditation practice to boost your mindfulness and mental clarity. There are ways to access clarity and self-awareness and receive the benefits of a regular meditation practice in just a few minutes or less with a simple, mini-meditation.

First, I will share how to overcome the major obstacle keeping you from finding greater mental clarity through meditation. Then we’ll look at how you can deepen the practice to receive the most benefits. 

Afterward, I will give tips that helped me adopt the art of mini-meditation and provide you with a free gift to remind you of these simple yet effective practices.

Finding the time to achieve greater clarity

The major obstacle to choosing what to do during our day is a perceived lack of time. With work, appointments, and commitments, even just a few minutes may seem impossible to find within your busy schedule. Here are some ideas for how you can claim the lost moments throughout your hectic day: 

 1. During your commute 

Look forward to red lights and traffic jams, as they can be a reminder to breathe. If your commute consists of buses, trains, or subways, consider yourself lucky to have the opportunity to use these moments to focus on your breath.  

2. Between bites 

You’re already eating lunch, take the time to breathe in between bites.

3. Use commercial breaks 

While you relax and watch your evening program, use the commercial breaks as a time to meditate.

4. While waiting 

When you find yourself waiting in line for the bank, the grocery store, the doctor’s office, or anywhere else, use that time to meditate. 

5. In between tasks 

When you finish a meeting, appointment, or an item from your to-do list, take a moment to breathe and find clarity before starting something new. 

Now that you’ve found a few moments of time, you can make the most of those brief moments and enjoy your mini-meditation.  

How to make the most of your mini-meditation

1. Focus on your breath

Take a deep breath in through your nose and breathe out through your mouth. Pay attention to the inhale and exhale. What can you smell as you take in the breath? Cooking aromas? Nature? Tune into where the breath is residing in your body.

2. Scan your body 

What can you feel? What is your body touching? Search for tension within your body. If possible, give yourself a light massage to any areas with tension.

3. Observe your thoughts 

Notice the thoughts that are passing through your mind. Try not to label anything good or bad, right or wrong. Reserve your judgment and just notice. 

4. Embrace your feelings 

Acknowledge how you feel right now. Remind yourself that these feelings are only temporary, part of the present moment.

5. Hold a touchstone 

Many religions use beads to count prayers. This might help you with focus as well. If you wear a bracelet, have pocket change, or a charm, try holding the item in the palm of your hand. It will trigger your mind to come back to the present. This is called a touchstone.

Apply this mini-meditation to your daily routine  

If you’re looking to increase mental clarity and mindfulness through meditation but don’t have the time to devote to regular daily practice, I hope these suggestions help you find more peace throughout your day and bring you closer to the mental clarity you desire.

You don’t need to master a daily meditation practice to be a master of your own self-awareness and clarity. Simply consider taking a few moments for yourself in between your commitments. 

For more tips on how to increase mental clarity and self-awareness, click here and claim your FREE Tip Sheet: Practical Advice for Greater Clarity & Presence. 

Use this gift and:

  • Alleviate chronic stress and negative emotions.
  • Receive simple daily habits for greater clarity.
  • Access useful self-awareness tools.
  • Discover easy techniques for mini-meditation. 
  • Experience greater mindfulness.

Comment below with your favorite way to find clarity through mini-meditation. 

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