Honoring Your Needs: You Already Know It’s Important So What’s Standing in Your Way?

If your body had an actual voice, what would it say?

Would it thank you for feeding it nutritious foods and giving it time to rejuvenate?

Or would its voice be faint from the exhaustion and tension it’s enduring?

Sometimes you get so caught up in the daily grind — fulfilling your priorities and chasing your goals — that you forget about your constant companions…

Your body and mind.

When you neglect them, you neglect your needs… I’m talking about needs related to your well-being — sleep, nutrition, self-care.

When you ignore what your body is asking of you, you’ll quickly burn out. The burning fire that motivates you fizzles out and you’re left with ashes.

Instead of reaching the point of (almost) no return, you can build a healthier relationship with your body. When you learn how to honor your needs and desires, you can recognize and fulfill what YOU require to claim a life of greater ease, balance and growth. 

What Does It Mean to Honor Your Needs?

Honoring your needs is respecting your mind and your body. Click To Tweet

Honoring your needs is respecting your mind and your body. You prioritize your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being by:

  • Understanding and respecting your limits
  • Creating healthy boundaries to protect your time and energy
  • Distinguishing your needs from the needs of others
  • Grounding yourself in your values and priorities
  • Learning how to manage your time, so you create enough space for self-care

When you fulfill the above priorities, you can achieve well-being. 

But maybe you already know this…

If so, then what is stopping you from following through on your good intentions?

The One Thing That Stands Between You and Honoring Your Needs

It’s simple, really.

You make self-care negotiable.

Instead, you think you have superpowers and you can just push through the exhaustion. 

You believe you can power beyond your limits indefinitely.

You overwork yourself because you believe the ends justify the means.

Yet, think about this.

What happens when you achieve your goals, yet…

  • Anxiety wracks your mind
  • You feel uncomfortable in your skin
  • You suffer from exhaustion and tension
  • You’re unable to recognize your self-worth

See, life isn’t about “hustling” every waking hour. Even an ambitious woman, like yourself, needs time to honor the needs of your body and mind.

If you struggle with honoring your needs, these three tips will help move self-care to the top of your priority list.

How to Honor Your Needs: 3 Practical Tips to Make Self-Care a TOP Priority

#1 Be Ruthlessly Honest With Yourself

Self-care is about preserving your well-being and protecting your needs and desires. That means dedicating time — one of your most valuable resources — to care for and love yourself.

However, your time is finite.

Contrary to what mainstream media says, you can’t do it all.

Think about it.

You have 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In order to give 100% at work, at home, in your relationships, and to yourself, it’s essential to be conscious of how you’re investing your valuable time and energy.

So, be honest with yourself when you consider taking on additional obligations, especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Realizing that you can’t do everything isn’t necessarily “bad.” And it’s useful to be aware of how you spend your time and energy.

That’s why understanding your values and priorities is essential. While you may not get to everything, you can at least fulfill what’s most important to you.

This naturally leads you to create stronger boundaries. You start distinguishing between meeting the needs and desires of others and fulfilling your own.

And when you clearly understand the moments when you’re caring for yourself and not caring for yourself, you can make decisions about what you allow to enter into your life.

#2 Say “No” to Others, Say “Yes” to Yourself

Saying “no” might not sound like self-care but it is. Because saying no is a gift to preserving your well-being and manifesting your priorities.

Each time you take on a new project, a new task, a new favor that’s outside your priorities, you’re taking time away from yourself.

And this may lead you to feeling resentful, annoyed and frustrated not only with other people, but with yourself.

Because you know better.

You know that you won’t have the time for healing and developing yourself when you’re giving it away freely to other people.

And that is why being ruthlessly honest with yourself is the first tip — your resources are limited and you want to conserve them for healing and self-growth.

Otherwise, you will say yes whenever somebody asks something of you.

“When we say yes to everything and do not set boundaries with people, we can feel stressed, overwhelmed, and burned out,” said Jennifer Rollin MSW, LCSW-C in Psychology Today.

Instead, flip the dynamic.

Instead, start saying “no” to others, so you can start saying “yes” to yourself. Each time you say yes to yourself — even if it’s declining someone else — it’s a vote for honoring your relationships, intimacy, honesty and the truth.

So, which things should you say “no” to?

Look at what’s most important to you.

If your current needs align with giving your body the rest it needs, then you might need to say “no” to drinks and dinner with friends and co-workers after a long day at the office.

If you want to start feeling more energy and vitality, it might mean improving your diet and getting at least eight hours of sleep each night.

Your values and priorities offer a guideline on how to invest your time. 

#3 Make Self-Care Intentional

Your time is finite and if you don’t spend it mindfully, you’ll throw it away on activities that don’t align with your purpose.

(That often looks like hours of phone scrolling or staying up late binge-watching your favorite series!)

After creating stronger boundaries, be intentional about when you schedule your priorities into your life. Calendar blocking helps you maximize the precious time you have, so that you’re setting aside time to honor your needs.

Start with making a list of everything you do and the times you want to do it. Your calendar blocks might look like:

  • 7:00 – 8:00: Morning routine
  • 9:00 – 10:30: Work
  • 10:30 – 10:15: Stretches during break
  • 10:15 – 12:30: Work
  • 12:30 – 1:00: Lunch and ten minute walk
  • 1:00 – 3:30: Work
  • 3:30 – 3:45: Stretches during break
  • 3:45 – 5:30: Work
  • 5:30 – 6:00: Commute home
  • 6:00 – 6:30: Relax (you deserve it!)
  • 6:30 – 7:30: Make dinner
  • 7:30 – 9:00: Dinner and spend time with family
  • 9:00 – 10:00: Self-care

This is only one example. You might need to make changes to accommodate when you wake up, work, and go to bed. 

Calendar blocks are another way of creating healthy boundaries so that you’re creating space and time to honor your needs and priorities. Blocking even one hour for nightly relaxation and “me-time” can soothe your mind and body.

Dissolve Your Limiting Beliefs

Making self-care negotiable… Putting your needs secondary to others… Not valuing yourself…

These are all limiting beliefs that are obstructing your pathway to growth. And they didn’t show up overnight either. They slowly formed over years of…

  • Telling yourself that other people’s needs come before yours
  • Pushing self-care to tomorrow multiple times
  • Not giving your strengths and self-worth recognition

What these things have in common is that your needs don’t matter. With a belief like this, you diminish your potential for growth and restrict your access to the lifestyle you desire.

Your Self-Worth is Stirring Within You: Are You Ready to Finally Recognize and Embrace It?

Self-worth is the bedrock of personal development. It’s what empowers you to change your circumstances. Self-worth is what reminds you that you are worthy of manifesting and claiming the life you desire.

As a high-achieving and ambitious woman, you’re working hard. You set high standards for yourself and create incredible goals.

However, you might fall into the trap of tying your self-worth to those external achievements.

I can’t feel worthy until I get that job promotion.

I’ll finally feel worthy once I hit my goal weight.

If I could somehow match my lifestyle to hers, I’ll feel better about myself.

These are some of the things you might tell yourself every day when you step on the scale or even scroll through social media.

And if you fall short, you doubt your self-worth. You question your ability. And when this happens…

  • You struggle with recognizing your strengths
  • You give too much of yourself in your relationships
  • You lower the bar on your goals and dreams
  • You get caught in the trap of comparing yourself to others

And yet, your self-worth has nothing to do with external forces. There is already inherent beauty and value within you. 

Imagine tapping into that inner value and using it to drive you forward? It could reduce all the doubt, uncertainty and friction preventing you from achieving the life you desire! Following the tips in this article will empower you to recognize and embrace your self-worth so you can claim a life of greater love, joy, and ease.

What is Self-Worth?

Seeing your self-worth is having the ability to value yourself. You recognize your strengths and your weaknesses and know deep down that you are worthy. You can tell yourself:

I have value. I am worthy of love. I am deserving of joy and ease.

As I mentioned earlier, self-worth isn’t tied to any external object or your immutable characteristics. But people mistakenly believe that self-worth is measured against the following criteria:

  • Appearance
  • Money
  • Status
  • Career success
  • Youth
  • Intellect

Imagine tying your self-worth to youth. Your self-worth would fluctuate daily, diminishing over time!

While some of the criteria above may be your personal priorities, none of them are essential for you to embrace your inherent self-worth.

Self-Worth vs. Self-Esteem

Self-worth and self-esteem are similar with some key differences.

Self-esteem easily shifts. Your low self-esteem might dip on a bad hair day and then skyrocket that same afternoon after nailing a presentation.

Self-worth runs deeper. It is profound and unflinching.

Self-worth is understanding every moment that your existence holds value, regardless of external changes or your present circumstances.

Self-worth is understanding every moment that your existence holds value, regardless of external changes or your present circumstances. Click To Tweet

When you have a bad day, that’s all there is to it. You don’t blame yourself. You don’t wonder if you deserved it. You don’t question your worth.

You just had a bad day.

That’s the beauty of knowing your self-worth. They act like tree roots and keep you out of your self-imposed mind games and grounded in reality.

So, how do you recognize the foundation of self-worth that upholds you?

How to Tap Into the Self-Worth That Resides Within You

1. Imagine Taking Everything Away

Imagine everything was taken away from you — money, power, relationships, accomplishments.

All of it.


Strip away the accessories and laurels and what is left?


See, self-worth is about recognizing the value already present within you. Take away the glamor, wash off the makeup, and you find yourself.

Look at yourself as you are in this moment — not who you try to be or who you want to be.

Now, reflect on your unique strengths.

Do you have the boldness to try new things? Do you have an intense drive to love and provide for your family? Did you embody resilience and adapt to shifting circumstances during this crazy year?

You already have so many gifts. Your mind, voice, and characteristics all define who you are. And each of these things has inherent and incredible value.

When you know your self-worth, you don’t need wealth or any other external measurement to confirm it.

You are beautiful and worthy just as you are.

2. Don’t Let Your Weaknesses Define You

Every woman has strengths. And every woman has weaknesses.

No woman is perfect.

Yet, you might be trying to achieve some unrealistic standard and when you fall short, you feel like you’re lacking. You blame yourself and if you can just overcome these weaknesses, you can finally feel worthy.

This leads you to over-focus on everything you believe to be wrong with yourself. And when you define yourself by everything you aren’t, you lose sight of everything you are. In your pursuit for perfection, you forget about your self-worth.

Including verbal affirmations in your daily rituals can remind you of the incredible woman you are. 

The trick to affirmations that work is to personalize them to counter an internalized belief you want to dissolve.

For example, let’s say your internalized belief is that you’re unworthy because your weaknesses are holding you back.

An affirmation you could say aloud is, “I am worthy. I possess strengths and gifts that enable me to achieve the life I desire.”

Your self-worth is already stirring within you. Sometimes, a verbal affirmation is the reminder you need to recognize it.

3. Reclaim Your Power

When you cannot recognize your self-worth, it is because you surrendered your power.

It didn’t happen overnight. It happened in several small actions throughout the years.

  • When you chose to stay late at the office instead of being with your family.
  • When you chose to skip your morning routine to lounge in bed and scroll through your phone.
  • When you chose to stay silent even though you wanted to speak up for your values.

Do you know what all these actions have in common?

They don’t honor your needs and priorities. 

And each time you don’t honor your needs, you give away your power. You tell yourself that you don’t matter. That you’re not worthy of being loved and cared for.

Eventually, you lose sight of your self-worth.

So, what’s the solution?

Make self-care non-negotiable.

Self-care is about sticking to your priorities and honoring them each day. It’s about setting a bedtime so you have enough energy to fulfill your priorities for the next day. It’s about taking time off for your body to rejuvenate itself.

Self-care not only helps you recognize your self-worth — it helps you nurture it. And when you finally make yourself a priority again, you reclaim the power you gave away over the years.

4. Know That You’re Enough

You might be measuring yourself against what you feel you should be — whether it’s expectations imposed by society, your friends and family, or yourself. When you judge that you have not met that standard, you feel like you’re not enough.

And when you hear a statement like “you’re perfect the way you are”,  you believe it to be untrue.

However, here’s what you may be missing… 

Recognizing your self-worth and having strong ambitions aren’t mutually exclusive.

You can feel worthy as you are in this moment while still moving forward in your personal development journey.

 When you can accept this truth, you’ll be able to celebrate how worthy you are of living the life you desire.


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Self-Acceptance: How to Embrace and Love Yourself Unconditionally (When The World Tells You Not To)

As a woman, it can often feel like your self-image is competing with the image of the “perfect woman” that mainstream media perpetuates.

A few decades ago, that image was mostly domestic, feminine, and submissive. 

Today, that image has evolved into the “woman who can do it all.” She can raise her three children, run a successful business as a CEO and be a loving and supportive wife — all while looking like a Victoria Secret model.

Needless to say, this has created unrealistic expectations. And if you continuously measure yourself against these high standards, you might start…

  • Criticizing your appearance
  • Questioning your worth
  • Feeling guilty about taking time for yourself
  • Fearing other people’s opinions
  • Feeling hopeless about yourself

These self-sabotaging thoughts slowly manifest in your reality. You may avoid experiences and meeting new people because you feel insecure. You might not communicate your needs to your partner because you feel undeserving. You don’t take time for yourself because you feel your well-being is secondary to other people’s needs.

So, you may replace your goals with wishes that you were somebody else… Somebody prettier or smarter or “more worthy”. Yet, the truth is that you are you

Instead of wishing for a different life, what if you could accept yourself as you are? What if I told you that who you are at this moment is wonderful because you have amazing gifts that make you unique?

Imagine waking up each morning and looking at your reflection.

Instead of seeing what you lack or what you wish you could be, you see your true self. More than that, you accept and love the incredible woman looking back at you. This is self-acceptance. While it may sound like a simple solution to what you’re feeling, it’s not always the easiest.

If you’re feeling unhappy with yourself, this article is for you. We’ll explore why you may feel this way and actions you can take to accept yourself unconditionally.

What Is Self-Acceptance?

Accepting yourself unconditionally is exactly what it sounds like — embracing all aspects of who you are. This includes your best characteristics and some traits that might not be your favorite. 

Learning self-acceptance is one of the most essential things you can do for yourself. It’s a message to yourself that you are always worthy of love, support, and kindness — on your best days and in your darkest moments.

Each morning you send yourself these messages, your life slowly shifts in a positive direction:

  • You feel comfortable in your skin
  • You feel deserving of unconditional love and acceptance
  • Pessimism diminishes and optimism flourishes
  • Your purpose feels clearer and more accessible
  • You attract deep and high-quality relationships

Eventually, you create a deep well of abundance, love, and joy within you. The benefits of self-acceptance are so profound, yet so many women struggle with loving and accepting themselves.

Why is this?

Why You Might Be Unhappy With Yourself

Learning how to accept yourself unconditionally can be challenging. You work so hard caring for others and providing for your family. And you might tend to set impossibly high standards that leave you feeling lacking. In addition to this, some of the following may feel familiar to you:

  • Excessive negative self-talk: Your thought streams are dominated by self-directed criticism and negativity. Continuous reminders of your flaws make them more prominent than they might actually be, making them difficult to accept.
  • Living in the past and future:  Past events may make you feel unworthy of self-acceptance and love. Or you may not feel like you can accept yourself until you achieve a future goal.
  • Not practicing physical self-care: There is a powerful connection between your internal and external world. When you don’t take care of your physical body, it may create the unintended belief that you’re unworthy of kindness and acceptance.
  • Surrounding yourself in negativity: Continuous exposure to negative sources, like pessimistic people or the news, can cultivate unwanted pessimism and irritability. This can leave you in an undesirable mindset where it may be difficult to accept yourself unconditionally.
  • Using media to measure your worth: While female empowerment is praiseworthy, unrealistic expectations can sabotage your well-being. Yes, women can achieve amazing things, but that shouldn’t suggest women can do it all.  This can be a hard truth to accept, especially if mainstream media tells you that you can and you should.

These are just a few sources of unhappiness that might be blocking you from embracing who you are. Once you recognize them in your life, try these tips to help you accept yourself fully.

How to Accept Yourself Unconditionally: 5 Ways to Help You Fully Embrace Who You Are in This Moment

#1 Forgive Yourself 

Sometimes, the greatest obstacle to accepting yourself unconditionally is something you’re holding onto in the past. 

Perhaps you disappointed yourself and feel you’re unworthy of love and acceptance. Or maybe you let somebody else down, and this made you question your value. 

Whatever mistake you feel you’ve made, it’s time to let go. 

“Mistakes are not a final destination but a stop that prepares us for the journey,” said Gustavo Razzetti in Psychology Today, “We must learn from them and continue moving forward.”

If a memory is holding you back, take a moment to reflect.

What happened? How do you feel about it? Why do you think you feel that way?

Now, find the lesson.

Even a painful memory bears the gift of wisdom, if you’re willing to hear it.

Then, close your eyes and tell yourself, That time has passed. I have learned from it, and it has strengthened me. I move on and embrace who I am in the present moment.

Release yourself from the shame and guilt and forgive yourself. 

#2 Recognize Your Inner Critic 

You’re often your greatest critic, and there are times when your negative self-dialogue can sound convincing. 

To help you overcome your inner critic, try seeing her as a person separate from you. 

Separating your inner critic from your identity will help you realize that you don’t actually think these negative things about yourself — it’s your inner critic talking! 

This can help you take your self-directed criticism with a grain of salt. Also, it can help you balance that criticism with reminders of your strengths and gifts.

Accepting yourself unconditionally doesn’t mean ignoring all your perceived “flaws.” It means seeing the woman you are — strengths, weaknesses, and all — and loving her all the same.

#3 Overcome the Shame and Guilt of Self-Kindness 

Self-acceptance can be challenging when we attach negative stigmas. 

In today’s fast-moving culture, you might think that accepting yourself as you are right now is a sign of laziness or lack of ambition. You might even think it’s an act of self-kindness that is indulgent and shameful. 

It’s time to shift that perspective. 

Unconditional self-acceptance is a gateway to thriving and putting more positivity in your world. 

When you accept yourself fully, you cultivate a healthier relationship with yourself. You’re more motivated. Happier. And purpose-driven.

Self-acceptance isn’t indulgent or shameful at all — it enables you to manifest your gifts, care for, and love yourself, and then create a well of abundance you can share with others.

Self-acceptance isn’t indulgent or shameful at all — it enables you to manifest your gifts, care for, and love yourself, and then create a well of abundance you can share with others. Click To Tweet

#4 Embrace Where You Are in this Moment 

Society might make it feel like you must meet certain milestones with arbitrary deadlines.

By 21, you’re finished with school. By 25, you’ve built a successful career. By 30, you’re settling down with a partner and children. And if you “fall behind schedule”, it feels like you’re failing.

As an ambitious woman, you might find it easy to fall prey to this type of thinking. 

However, happiness and self-acceptance aren’t measured in external milestones. They are something you can experience at every stage of your journey — not just the destination. 

You don’t have to wait to accept yourself until after you buy the big house or get the promotion. Nor do you have to compare your progress to the journey of the woman next to you.

You can feel happiness and self-acceptance right now, in this very moment. 

#5 Tell Yourself You Are Deserving of Love and Joy 

I’m serious. Say it out loud.

I deserve love and joy.

When you’re caught up in your negative self-dialogue, you might forget this. Over time, your negative inner chatter may harm your self-perception.

Yet, when you tell yourself that you deserve love and joy, you also tell yourself that you are capable of change.

You are capable of growth.

Even if you might struggle with loving yourself consistently, you can take steps each day toward accepting yourself unconditionally. 

And if you need support in that journey towards self-love and self-acceptance, I’m here to walk alongside you. After all, a little guidance can make all the difference in achieving the life you desire. When you’re ready, claim a Complimentary 60-minute “Accepting Yourself Breakthrough” Discovery session with me. 

In this 60-minute consultation, you’ll:

  • Reveal a clear and compelling vision of what else is possible for your life when you’re no longer beating yourself up and, instead, are holding yourself with compassion
  • Get simple and practical tips for how to accept yourself unconditionally 
  • Tap into greater love, ease, and joy 
  • Explore how having a partner on your journey will provide a shortcut to all that you desire.

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The Dangers of Self-Neglect and “Postponing” Self-Care: How to Start Making YOU a Priority

Do most days feel like a struggle just to make it to the end?

You’re overworked and overwhelmed. Even laying your tired head against your soft pillow does little to diminish the buzzing in your head.

Deep down, you know the remedy has nothing to do with the softness of your pillow. The more likely culprit is that you’re neglecting your well-being.

You’re not making YOU a priority.

You already know that taking care of yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually is critical. Each is a pillar to well-being — when one falls, the others are soon to follow.

So why do you continuously swing back and forth between periods of overwork and overwhelm to “catching up” on sleep and relaxation? Play this game for long enough and you’ll seriously burn out.

Follow the tips in this article and you could finally break that cycle and make self-care a daily priority. 

Truly Understanding the Consequences of Self-Neglect

Are you experiencing any of these symptoms of self-neglect?

  • You’re on autopilot: Your day feels like a blur. You’re going through the motions, each action absent of creativity, purpose, or joy.
  • Other people’s needs come before yours: You continuously serve others before serving yourself. Now you’re noticing that your well is drying up and you have nothing left to give.
  • Every day feels like playing catch-up: It feels like you’re always behind in attending to your responsibilities, and you just can’t catch up. This frantic pace keeps you feeling stressed and overwhelmed.
  • Your mind swings between haze and chaos: Some days, you feel like you’re trapped in a thick brain fog. Other days, you feel like your mind is racing at a thousand miles an hour.
  • You’re physically burned out: Long-term stress and overwhelm lead to body aches, muscle tension, and low energy. Your mental and emotional overwhelm have become physical manifestations.So often, we get stuck in autopilot, scrambling to get things done, and we don’t notice muscle tension or mental exhaustion until it’s too late.

So often, we get stuck in autopilot, scrambling to get things done, and we don’t notice muscle tension or mental exhaustion until it’s too late. 

Recall the times within the past few months when you’ve experienced these symptoms. Remember the heaviness in your lids as you pushed yourself to work another hour. Experience the haze in your mind as you reread the same sentence over and over. Feel the intense desire to stay in bed, so you could hide from the day’s responsibilities.

I ask you to relive these scenarios because this is what happens when you neglect your body. These are the risks you assume when you “postpone” self-care.

Maintaining your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health is not a chore to push aside. It’s not a thing on your to-do list that you’ll get to “when you have time.”

Your body is a living organism worth honoring — not another item on your checklist.

Yet, why do you continue in these self-sabotaging cycles?

Maintaining your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health is not a chore to push aside. It’s not a thing on your to-do list that you’ll get to “when you have time.” Click To Tweet

Why Do We Continue to Neglect Our Well-Being (Even When We Know Better)?

Much of it has to do with guilt or shame around valuing yourself.

Often, people mistakenly believe that self-care and self-compassion are selfish. After all, shouldn’t you focus your energy on helping others rather than yourself?

If you’ve been putting self-care on the back burner, you might be feeding this negative stigma. However, this mindset is working against you.

“When we fill our time with responsibilities and constantly prioritize the needs of others over our own, we can drain ourselves of energy and desire,” says Lisa Firestone, Ph.D. in Psychology Today.

Caring for yourself is one of the most incredible things you can do for yourself and others. When you empower yourself, you’ll have greater strength, energy, and desire to share your gifts with the people around you. 

Each time you find yourself feeling guilty, tell yourself, When I care for and love myself, I am better able to care for and love others.

But self-care isn’t going to magically weave itself into your daily life. These tips will help you take conscious actions that make your well-being a priority every single day.

3 Tips That Encourage You To Make YOU a Priority

#1 Check in With Your Body More Often

A common reason why you might be pushing yourself too hard is that you don’t listen to what your body is saying until it’s too late. This often happens when your brain runs on autopilot — each day blurs into the next, as you focus on checking things off your to-do list.

A mental body scan helps you tune into your body. Follow these steps to help you experience what your body is telling you:

  1. Lay down.
  2. Take several deep breaths into your belly, breathing in through your nose and exhaling slowly from your mouth.
  3. Bring awareness to your toes. Observe any sensations such as tingling, pain, or tightness.
  4. As you become conscious of these sensations, breathe into them and notice what occurs. You may feel the sensation subside or even receive a message from this area.
  5. Repeat this process throughout your body, moving from your toes to the crown of your head.

Try doing this once each day – find a time that works best for you.

The more you listen to your body, the better you will understand what it’s asking of you. For example, a tense neck and shoulders might tell you to stretch more if you’re sitting at a desk all day. Or you might get the message to drink more water.

#2 Make Weekly Appointments with YOURSELF

Lack of time is one reason why so many women fail to take care of their bodies. That’s why I recommend putting it as a non-negotiable event on your calendar.

You make appointments with your doctor, attend meetings for work, and show up for family-related events.

You’re always showing up for others. What about showing up for yourself?

Prioritizing yourself is about putting YOU on your calendar and showing up on time, ready to care and love yourself.

Therefore, set a dedicated time for self-care. I’m serious! Go to your calendar and write in “self-care”. It may be your entire Saturday, or it may be for an hour every day after work. Try experimenting and choose what works for you.

But most importantly, stick to your self-care appointments. Some days, it may be tempting to cancel on yourself and squeeze in another hour of work. However, self-care will only make a noticeable difference when you declare it as a non-negotiable practice in your life.

#3 Seek Support When You Need It

Earlier, we talked about feeling guilt or shame around valuing yourself. You may feel similar emotions when asking for help.

Instead of relying on the help of others, you attempt to shoulder everything yourself.

But receiving help isn’t a sign of weakness.  In fact, asking for help can be one of the kindest things you choose for yourself because it helps you show up even more for those you love. If you’re still struggling to make yourself a priority (even though you’re aware it’s what you truly need to do), getting more support may be exactly what’s required for you to experience more balance and fulfillment.

So, if you’re practicing self-care regularly and not experiencing the peace and renewal you desire… Or if you need more guidance to bring additional structure and balance into your life… 

Ask for the assistance you need and allow yourself to receive it.

If you’re ready to overcome self-neglect and embrace self-care as a lifestyle, and require additional support, claim a Complimentary “Prioritize Yourself Breakthrough” Discovery session with me. 

In this 60-minute consultation, you’ll:

  • Reveal a clear and compelling vision of what else is possible for your life when you’re no longer neglecting yourself
  • Get simple and practical tips for how to prioritize yourself with ease (starting immediately)
  • Tap into self-care for greater energy, ease, and joy 
  • Explore how having a partner on your journey will provide a shortcut to all that you desire.

Click here now to claim your Complimentary “Prioritize Yourself Breakthrough” Discovery session.

Special note: I’m so excited to unveil a preview of Accelerated Evolution, my most effective coaching tool! Accelerated Evolution has changed my life and can change yours too. That’s why, at the end of the month, I’ll give you an opportunity to have an experience of these tools firsthand. So stay tuned…

And in the meantime, if you’re ready to find out how these tools can help you now, click here to schedule a “Breakthrough Struggle to Claim Ease” Discovery session with me.

Quantum Change: Manifesting Your Strength and Potential Through Ongoing Self-Development

2020 is a dramatic shift from the daily life you knew just one year ago. Sometimes, it’s hard to believe all the challenges we’ve had to overcome in only a few months…

Experiencing a pandemic. Sheltering-in-place. Wearing masks. Navigating heightened awareness of racial tensions.   

In response to the adversities we’ve faced this year, we’re undergoing what clinical psychologist William Richard Miller calls quantum change. Quantum change is “a vivid, surprising, benevolent, and enduring personal transformation.” In response to recent events, this change is evolving our consciousness and revealing new possibilities for ourselves and for society.

Within those possibilities is a more empowered you. 

Yes, you’ve been hard at work as a mother, a career woman, and a partner. You push yourself to limits trying to grow your career and provide for your family. Yet, you burn out in the process.

What about you and providing for your well-being?

Quantum change is creating a mindset shift:

  • You can still pursue self-development without burning yourself out. 
  • You can share love and compassion with the people around you and express it to yourself. 
  • You can still fulfill upon your list of priorities while putting YOU at the top of that list. 

Let’s explore how quantum change is empowering you to uplevel and care for yourself and the effect it has on the world. 

Why Self-Development is the Path Forward

It might not be the answer you were expecting. You might even think it selfish — with all that’s happening in the world, why focus on YOURSELF?

Yet hear me out.

Self-development is the catalyst for positive change in the world. In his book Miracle Morning, Hal Elrod wrote, “Our outer world will always be a reflection of our inner world. Our level of success is always going to parallel our level of personal development.”

What does he mean?

It means that the impact you have on the world will reflect the efforts you put into growing yourself. After you nurture and manifest your gifts, you can share them with others. Gifts like deep compassion and an abundance mindset can be shared with your loved ones, your community, and even your country.

But what happens when you fail to make YOU a priority?

The Dangers of Neglecting Yourself

You already know.

  • You suffer signs of burnout.
  • Life feels overwhelming.
  • You feel isolated and disempowered.
  • Every day is a struggle just to get things done.
  • Your potential goes unrealized.

Have you ever heard of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs?

In his Hierarchy of Needs, Maslow discusses what it takes to reach self-actualization — the peak of human experience.  The foundations of that pyramid are securing your basic physiological needs (food and water), feeling safe in your environment, and cultivating reliable support systems.

Yet, in these uncertain times, you might feel vulnerable at all levels.

If you’re a woman of color, you might fear for your safety due to recent racially-charged tragedies. If you were laid off due to business shutdowns, you might worry about providing for your family. And the time you spent in quarantine might have led you to experience loneliness and isolation.

Times are challenging, I know. But all is not lost. 

Cultivating a sanctuary of self-love and self-acceptance within yourself teaches you to embrace yourself as you are. And if you need any help to feel confidence and love in your own skin, support is available if you ask.

Create Quantum Change By Prioritizing YOU

The power to change your environment begins with creating positive change within yourself. Click To Tweet

Recent events have confirmed my worldview — the power to change your environment begins with creating positive change within yourself. Before I could properly support and empower other women, I had to start with supporting and empowering MYSELF. 

This is why I became a Certified Accelerated Evolution coach — to inspire women to break through their mental and emotional blocks with greater ease and to more fully own their power, the same way I used these tools to help myself. 

Do you feel guilty about taking time for yourself? Do you judge yourself because you know you can somehow summon the resources to work another hour, do another task, or pursue another project?

I certainly did.

This emotional and mental block can be difficult to identify and dissolve, because striving — even if it means burning out in the process — seems like a virtue.

Yes, self-development can mean putting in the work, yet it also means taking time to rest. Because your potential to manifest your gifts and share them with the world also relies on the care and attention you put into your well-being.

The positive change you desire in your outer world springs from the well of abundance and compassion you cultivate within yourself.

So, start there. 

Start with caring and loving YOU.

Are you ready to lessen your struggle and choose ease in all areas of your life?

Quantum change is creating a mindset shift that reminds us: self-care isn’t negotiable.

Self-development is the path forward, yet it doesn’t have to mean achieving your goals at the risk of your health. You can manifest the change you desire by prioritizing self-love, self-care, and balance.

When you’re truly ready to make this shift in your life, sign up for a Complimentary 60-minute “Breakthrough Struggle to Claim Ease” Discovery Session with me.

In this 60-minute consultation, you’ll:

  • Reveal a clear and compelling vision of what else is possible for your life when you’re no longer struggling and are enjoying your life again
  • Get simple and practical tips for how to break free from your symptoms of overwhelm
  • Tap into greater ease, energy and inspiration 
  • Explore how having a partner on your journey will provide a shortcut to all that you desire.

As I mentioned previously, Accelerated Evolution changed my life and it can change yours too. In October, I will let  you know of an opportunity where you can experience these tools firsthand. So stay tuned…

And in the meantime, if you’re ready to find out how these tools can help you now, click here to schedule your complimentary “Breakthrough Struggle to Claim Ease” Discovery Session with me.

My Accelerated Evolution and How It Helped Me Transition From Struggle to Ease

Chronic pain. Fatigue. Lack of focus.

These were all things I struggled with after a car crash a few months ago. As if COVID-19 wasn’t taking up enough space on my plate, I was now dealing with insurance companies, getting medical treatment, hiring an attorney, and buying a new car.

(I’d say I felt overwhelmed, but that would be an understatement!)

Eager to feel balance again, I tried meditation, deep breathing, and Emotional Freedom Technique. These were all helpful… but temporary.

I wanted lasting peace and spaciousness. 

Thankfully, I’d been studying a modality – Accelerated Evolution (AE) – which targets and dissolves mental and emotional blocks. I had seen and heard amazing things about how well these AE processes work.

Even though I knew how to use the AE tools, I was also aware that receiving support would accelerate my results. So, I decided to have a Certified AE Coach run a process on me… and it was life-changing.

My breakthrough was so simple and yet so profound. I was empowered to see – yet again – that I choose everything in my life. That I’m not at the effect of anything. And this allowed me to shift out of overwhelm – and stay out of overwhelm – more effectively than anything else I’d tried.

The AE approach to healing is so swift and effective that I decided to become certified as well so that I can share these transformational practices with my clients. They build upon all the work I’ve already been doing while deepening the results that are now available to us all.

My Background in Metaphysics and How It Relates to Self-Growth

For over 3 decades, I’ve been on this continuous journey of learning, growing, and evolving. The knowledge I’ve accumulated – through my studies in metaphysics, including Accelerated Evolution – has yielded powerful tools for creating positive and lasting life change… for myself AND for my clients. 

Much of my personal and professional philosophy is rooted in metaphysics. (If all goes well, I’ll obtain my Ph.D. in metaphysics by early 2021!)

Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that explores the non-physical realm, diving into our origins, existence, and understanding of self. Interestingly, many metaphysical elements overlap with what it means to thrive. 

A vital intention of both metaphysics and personal development is for you to understand yourself. Because the way forward is revealed by looking inward. Yes, there are many external obstacles you’ll face. Yet, many of your challenges will be internal.

Have you ever felt any of these emotions?

  • Paralyzing self-doubt
  • Debilitating fear of the future
  • Feeling chained to a memory from the past
  • Helplessness
  • Overwhelmed by life
  • Loneliness due to lack of support systems
  • Fear of stepping outside your comfort zone.

Perhaps you just don’t know what to do next.

Recognizing that many women suffer from these mental and emotional blocks, I began to provide coaching and spiritual counseling that address these issues. My vision is for all women to fully embrace self-love so they may heal and share their gifts with the world. I regularly ask myself, “How do I elevate my services and empower women to tackle these challenges with greater confidence?”

Then I was introduced to Satyen Raja and the Accelerated Evolution Academy.

What Is Accelerated Evolution (AE)?

You probably already know that receiving regular self-care and ongoing support is essential to your well-being. 

So, what’s stopping you from fully accepting the benefits available from these practices?

Most likely, it’s your mental or emotional blocks that act as walls and keep you from experiencing a sense of well-being. It’s why you might experience low self-esteem or lack of motivation, even when you regularly exercise and practice gratitude. Your potential for personal growth can be limited by internal obstacles.

But once you dissolve these walls and overcome your mental and emotional blocks, something magical happens. You can finally experience the bounty of your self-care efforts in terms of self-development:

  • Clearer purpose
  • Increased confidence
  • Peak performance
  • Greater freedom
  • Emotional abundance.
Gaining mastery over yourself, your emotions, and your mindset grants you access to greater opportunities. Click To Tweet

Gaining mastery over yourself, your emotions, and your mindset grants you access to greater opportunities. You can finally pursue a life that YOU love.

Thanks to Satyen Raja, founder of the Accelerated Evolution Academy, AE is dramatically evolving what I’ve already been choosing and experiencing. His mission is “to share the most direct, swift and effective methods that create instant, core and lasting change in people’s personal and professional lives.”

 I’m excited to share that I am now officially a Certified Accelerated Evolution Coach! As such, I can use these techniques to help my clients end struggle and claim ease. 

Sounds incredible, right?

So what is the process behind Accelerated Evolution? How do you go from struggle and overwhelm to freedom and ease? Let’s find out.

How Does Accelerated Evolution Work?

Many of our problems are internal — buried beneath our mental and emotional blocks.

AE techniques remove our inner resistance through verbally-guided experiences. With each mental and emotional block dissolved, you’ll discover more of who you really are and open yourself to greater ease, joy, and peace.

AE is about tapping into the essence of who you are.

And the process works remarkably fast. It is possible to address a limiting belief and experience more freedom and new possibilities around it in just a few hours!

How Accelerated Evolution Changed My Life

As I mentioned earlier, one AE process – as facilitated by a Certified Accelerated Evolution Coach – helped me recover from my car crash-induced overwhelm in about 30 minutes. Mental and emotional challenges are often defined by two polarizing thoughts or emotions. In my case, the emotional polarities were ‘overwhelm’ (what I was currently feeling) and ‘spaciousness’ (what I wanted to feel instead).

After letting go of overwhelm, I realized that I also had a belief that there wasn’t enough time to get everything done. I’d even feel guilty when I took time to have fun (even though I KNOW better, I still saw how this block was holding me back). After receiving another AE process, I was able to release this belief and now I have the freedom of choice to have fun without guilt. (In fact, I’m on vacay with my husband this week at a fancy resort so we can enjoy some FUN, together!) 

I’ve been experiencing some amazing personal transformations through the AE processes. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, I now consciously choose to have more spaciousness and abundance in my life. Because I am stronger in mind, body, and spirit, I’m also in a more empowered position to help YOU achieve the same results. 

My approach to coaching and spiritual counseling is also evolving, as I’ve added AE to my already powerful coaching and counseling toolbox. 

My Mission to Help YOU Thrive Is Rooted in My Own Journey of Self-Growth

As I partner with my clients, I speak from the experience gathered through my own self-growth journey. I am better able to help you when I’m aware of what it took to help myself.

And what I’ve learned is that AE techniques work. By removing inner resistance and dissolving mental and emotional blocks, you’ll gain a greater understanding of yourself and more freedom than you’ve ever felt before. You can finally tap into the bounty of self-love, self-acceptance, and self-advocacy.

As you move through life, you can at times feel like a pendulum swinging between tranquility and chaos. When struggling, you try some “quick fixes” to feel better, but the effects are temporary. Soon, you’re feeling anxious and overwhelmed again.

Accelerated Evolution will liberate you from your mental and emotional chains, so you can transition from overwhelm and anxiety to a life of ease and empowerment.

What’s keeping YOU from accelerating your evolution and becoming the woman you want to be?

Are you tired of swinging between struggle and ease? 

Is it time to try something that has the potential to provide powerful and lasting relief?

If so, I invite you to a Complimentary 60-minute “Breakthrough Struggle to Claim Ease” Discovery Session.

In this 60-minute consultation, you’ll:

  • Reveal a clear and compelling vision of what else is possible for your life when you’re no longer struggling and are enjoying your life again
  • Get simple and practical tips for how to break free from your symptoms of overwhelm
  • Tap into greater ease, energy and inspiration 
  • Explore how having a partner on your journey will provide a shortcut to all that you desire.

Accelerated Evolution changed my life and it can change your life too. In October, I will give you an opportunity to have an experience of these tools firsthand. So stay tuned…

And in the meantime, if you’re ready to find out how these tools can help you now, click here to schedule your complimentary “Breakthrough Struggle to Claim Ease” Discovery Session with me.


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