Getting out of bed can be a challenge some days. Maybe your mattress is too inviting or maybe you just don’t have the impetus to get moving. But is this happening more often than you’d like?

Are you waking up most mornings thinking, ugh, do I really have to get up and face this day?

Take a moment right now and remember a morning when you couldn’t wait to begin your day. What was your motivation? Were you starting a new job? Traveling someplace new? What was your reason for jumping out of bed with energy and enthusiasm? 

Have you ever wondered what it would take to experience this excitement more often?  

Here’s how you can access this feeling through a simple daily intention. 

What is an intention?

An intention is a guiding principle for how you want to be in the world. Share on X

An intention is a guiding principle for how you want to be in the world. A clear intention will bring purpose to all areas of your life; it will guide you to pay attention to what’s important in work, family, faith, and more. Owning an intention will bring your head and heart into alignment.

When to use an intention

Your intention can be changed daily or used over an extended period of time. A daily intention will set the mood for your day. A long term intention will set the tone for who you want to become. However you choose to use intentions, they will help you align your actions with your goals.

Try not to confuse intentions with goal setting

An intention is the driving force behind the action, whereas a goal is the outcome of the action. You set an intention based on how you want to feel, the overall mindset you want to maintain with your actions. When you focus on your authentic purpose behind an action, your values are reflected through your intention.   

Intentions keep you in the present moment and are a reminder of how you want to show up in life.

Examples of intentions:

  • Finishing a project

If you’re like me, you probably have many projects on your plate. Sometimes a project becomes more of a chore, and you can’t wait to cross it off your list. When you set the intention to complete this type of project, you feel the sense of accomplishment this will evoke. 

  • Embracing change

It can be a challenge to start something new or shift your direction. That’s where your intention comes into play. Focus on how it will feel to have the outcome you desire and you will find yourself anticipating what’s next. 

  • Treating yourself with greater compassion

Successful, high-achieving women can have a tendency to be hard on themselves. I understand how that happens. You can transform this by setting an intention to notice when you’re beating yourself up or withholding self-care, and then taking steps to nurture yourself instead. 

  • Rebalancing your commitments 

Sometimes we need to reevaluate our priorities. Realizing this and setting an intention to change can provide greater fulfillment and re-energize you.

How an intention creates energy

Let’s revisit that memory of a day when you felt energetic and enthusiastic to start your day. Focus on what your intention was that morning. To experience something new? To spend extra time with a loved one? To make a new business connection? This intention is what sparked the motivation to pursue the action you were excited about. The intention created your focus and drive for the day. Finding the intention behind the action and continually nourishing it will lift your mental and physical energy.

3 ways to experience this energy of intention

  1. Being more focused

Maybe you’re a morning person and can’t wait to get up and start your routine. However, around midday you begin to feel sluggish. You can’t remember why you woke up so early and you’re ready for a nap. When you have an intention, you will have the dedication to remain focused on your goal. Be conscious of your intention(s) and you’ll be surprised by how your body responds. 

  1. Moving forward with greater ease

Having that initial reason to start your day can be a challenge. Setting intentions will encourage you to work on your goals. Since intentions are based on your values, the intention will align with the energy you want to put out in the world. No matter how big or small the intention is, it will ignite a fire to carry this plan out!

  1. Enjoying increased happiness

Your mood can wane throughout the day, yet when you set an intention, you remain more uplifted. Having an intention that aligns with your core values can set an overall tone for a happier, more fulfilling day. 

Quick tips to build energy with your intention

  • Focus on one of your core values
  • Journal
  • Repeat affirmations aloud

If it’s energy you need in the morning, it can be as simple as setting an intention. By creating an intention that is aligned with your values, you increase your drive and focus. 

Affirmations can help you set an intention for your day. So, claim your free gift of 20 of My Favorite Affirmations.

Use these affirmations to:

  • Realign your thoughts with your deepest desires
  • Motivate and energize yourself
  • Cultivate positive energy to accomplish more
  • Transform limiting beliefs into limitless opportunities
  • Live your life to the fullest

Click here now to claim your free gift of 20 of My Favorite Affirmations. Then select an affirmation that resonates with you and your intention. Say this affirmation aloud and notice how you remain focused on your intention.

May your intentions evoke new energy in your life!

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